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The WIK-SWS104 (snow white) and WIK-LAS104 (light almond) wireless keypads are specifically designed to function within the
Savant Pro System to control most lighting loads. The keypads incorporate a push button rotary dial as well as four additional buttons
to allow a user more flexibility to control other functions such as audio, video, and shades.

The Savant wireless keypads replace any standard 120V AC light switch or dimmer and can be wired into either a standard or no
neutral configuration. With the addition of the Savant Auxiliary Control, these keypads can accommodate most 3-way wiring designs
for multi-location control.

Finally, the WIK-xxx104 utilizes the local 802.11 b/g/n wireless network to allow it to be added to the Savant Pro System for complete
control of lighting as well as other switching and dimming functions.

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