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Updated to match the aesthetic of our Micro Aperture 4 speakers, the RCC640 grille allows for two RCC320 MK II subwoofers to be integrated as a single vertical solution. Included with the RCC640 grille are two stacking plates, which would enable installers to couple two RCC320 MK II, giving larger spaces the pressurization required to achieve realistic dynamics and deep rich bass.


  • Redesigned from the ground up, the MK II RCC subwoofers are based on an all-new four-inch by six-inch driver that provides deep, articulate, and powerful bass
    • Twice the excursion – Excursion is the linear distance a driver travels from its resting position. Increased excursion equates to a greater dynamic presentation.
    • Optimized DCR (DC resistance) ¬– The DC Resistance of the voice coils is optimized to allow more subwoofers to be connected in-series to a single RCC1000-SA amplifier. The all-new voice coil allows for up to four RCC320 subwoofers to be connected to a single RCC100-SA amplifier.
    • Pistonic Driver Technology – In order to deliver accurate sound, high sound pressure levels, and no distortion to the music, the entire surface area of the speaker cone must remain in perfect alignment throughout its frequency-range. The all-new RCC subwoofer speaker behaves as a perfect piston throughout its musical range, so you can enjoy the realism and response of a perfect subwoofer system.
  • Solid Aluminum Cabinets
    • The ideal subwoofer cabinet needs to be a balance of cost, stiffness, mass, and dampness (resonances). Aluminum, more than other popular materials such as MDF (medium-density fiberboard), achieves a perfect balance between these four critical elements. Additionally, anodized aluminum is impervious to the outside elements, making the IP65 rated RCC320 a perfect solution for outdoor entertainment.
  • Elegant Grille Options
    • Grille Plastic ID updated to match IP MICRO Aperture Speakers
    • New included HVAC Style Ceiling grille
  • Easy Install
    • Installs into a standard 2 x 4 stud bay pre or post construction


Package Contents

2x 3mm Aluminum Connecting Plates

1x RCC640-PC Grille, modified to match ID of Micro Aperture 4 Speakers

Información adicional

Peso 5 kg
Dimensiones 10 × 10 × 10 cm

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